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Finding Antique Treasures


“I never find anything good”, a is a frequent complaint from those who search estate sales, storage units or thrift stores. Picking through a collection of items looking for antiques is a slow, and difficult process even for professionals. Anyone who works in the field of antiques will tell you the best place to find real deals on quality antiques is to visit a flea market. Affordable deals found at market stalls give customers the chance to have information ahead of time on what’s available, and actually see the seller in person.  Antiques, Mississauga sellers offer for example are easily viewed by buyers.


Among the tips for those who visit flea markets is to take a cell phone with access to the Internet. It’s possible to check on the age, and price of a specific item with a few clicks. Having a sites already selected that offer such information on items of interest to you will save time.


Research the type of antiques you are looking to buy. Know what changes to the condition of the article can affect it’s sale value. For example some collectors items such as toys are more valuable if they are still in their original box. Some older items lose value if they have been cleaned or restored in some manner. Knowing what to look for such as the wrong dress on a doll or missing pages in a book can avoid disappointment on a good deal later.


In shopping for antiques Mississauga buyers find a friendly place, and most sellers are willing to answer questions and discuss the value of items sold. This is a much better experience then visiting auctions when there is no chance to have a good look at an item before buying.


For the really good buy, avoid shopping on impulse. A common mistake is to make a large purchase at the first interesting seller. Visiting other booths and stalls later might show this was a mistake in seeing the very item you have been hunting when you no longer have money budgeted.


Part of the fun of visiting the flea market is this friendliness. Some booths will allow for negotiation, but buyers should remember insulting someone isn’t a good plan. The seller who isn’t interested in your business any more might later have the items you truly want.


When visiting a flea market wear comfortable clothes, and walking shoes as  you will want to see as much as possible.

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