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Bazil Technical Solutions
Basil Technical Solutions probably has the right to call itself the first computer store in the Fantastic Flea Market. The store was opened almost 5 years ago by two friends one of which works in the industry. The store offers a number of computer services, sells consumer electronics including cell phones and accessories.
The products and services that the company offered literally went hand in hand with the changes in the consumer electronics industry. They first started out with desktop and laptop repairs and sales. Then customers approached them to have their blackberries and IPhones fixed. In addition they carried accessories for the cell phones. Afterward customers asked for computer accessories, cordless home phones and small appliances.
The folks running Bazil Technical Solutions noticed that customers did not just want their computers fixed, but wanted advice on whether to stay with an older single core or upgrade to the Intel Core2Duo machines. In addition few customers knew that the store carried IBM/Lenovo, Dell and HP desktops and laptops.
What does Bazil technical Solutions view what customers need
Good Service
Better Price
Keep Up With Technology
-Cell Phone Chargers
-Cell Phone Batteries
-IPhone Accessories (Version 5 and 5C)

The owners of Bazil Technical Solutions wanted to focus on fixing repairing and upgrading desktop and laptop computers. He generally advises clients who have desktop computers to stay away from the older single core Pentium 4 CPU and upgrade to at least to the Intel Core 2Duo/Intel Core I5 and Quadcore I7. The Intel Core 2 Duo desktop computers have the ability to run the 32 or 64bit Windows 7 operating system and the Office 2010, 2016 or the cloud 365 suite for educational or business purposes. If you have a desktop computer in the last 4 years you can put in a good NVIDIA or ATI video card with at least 1 GB of ram, it can process any video format as well as allow you to watch any type of digital media such as Blue Ray, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and DIVX.
Bazil Technical Solutions also advises customers to move to dual core laptops/Intel Core I5 and Quadcore I7 and recycle the older single core laptops for the same reasons as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
What do clients wants when they visit Bazil Technical Solutions. They has noticed that people are generally looking for headphones, webcams, laser mice’s, laptop & desktop HDD and RAM including external HDD. Customers are also looking for USB flash drives and regular and mini SDHC drives for smartphones, tablet computers and cameras.
Bazil Technical Solutions. also carries GSM Cellphones, cordless phones, computer accessories, cellphone and tablet accessories.
What then is the future of Bazil Technical Solutions. at the Fantastic Flea Market? The business will do well here because people are nice and it is a friendly atmosphere. They generally sees 10-20 customers on Saturday and Sunday who are asking for computer services. Bazil Technical Solutions has noticed a trend in the computer industry as customers want and are willing to pay more money for powerful Android/Apple smartphones and tablet computers. Customers are also asking for Blue Ray DVD and players.

The staffs of Bazil Technical Solutions are very aware that customers want cheap products and they do offer competitive prices on a variety of consumer electronics. However, they want to let customers at the Fantastic Flea Market know that they are experts in this field and can offer valuable advice that can help them make the right decision while saving money.

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