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Same Location Since 1976!

Snack Bar Mississauga

Snack Bar Mississauga Fantastic Bistro   For  2 years the Taste of Italy run by Emanuel and Maria Messina was a food place revered by the vendors of the Fantastic Flea Market, regular customers and curious visitors. The restaurant offered different kinds of sandwiches such as chicken breast, sausages meatball and your regular hamburger. If…
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Fantastic Snacks Blue 6

Snack Bar/Lunch Counter Fantastic Snacks is located in the Blue Room at Booth #6 of the Fantastic Fleamarket. As the only Snack Bar at the Fantastic Flea Market, Fantastic Snacks is not only a place to eat, but acts as a catalyst to bring and entertain visitors to provide a pleasant shopping experience. Our RETAIL…
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