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Used Furniture Mississauga


Selling and Buying Used Furniture


The market for used furniture has changed in the last decade. Formerly the only people spotted looking at consignment shops or flea markets for previously owned furniture were recent college graduates, but now as more people realize the value of recycling, and reusing articles again this market is seeing a new clientele. There are those who want a certain style or wish to match a colour, or who want a different look in a room for less money than they would spend in a furniture stores in Mississauga it’s possible to find buyers for previously owned furniture.


When looking for a place to sell it’s not necessary to run an ad for Used Furniture Mississauga since there are other opportunities.  Renting a booth or stall at a flea market brings the buyer straight to the items you have to offer. Rather than deal with buyers over the phone, or have strangers stopping by your home this is a fast way to make a sale quickly.


For a buyer rather than scanning the ads or looking through shops the flea market has the benefit of seeing many different articles at the same time. Shopping at a flea market is usually more relaxing and causal than visiting a mall. This lowers the risk of making an impulse buy simply because you are afraid you won’t find what you looking for in a room design or color. 


Sellers should check out a few  furniture stores in Mississauga to get ideas regarding how best to display your furniture at your booth. Repainting, re-staining, or reupholstering furniture can increase it’s value and allow you to ask for more. In fact, many have found such a market for repaired items this becomes a side job as a way to make additional money.


Buyers look for clean, well made, and gently used furniture. Furniture that has holes, threadbare fabric, rickety construction, and seems generally worn will only catch the interest for those in the market to make repairs, and the cost will be lower. A little creativity on the part of the seller in remodeling makes a difference.


At a flea market buyers have a chance to do what you can’t do by seeing an ad which is to actually touch and assess the furniture. There’s peace of mind in seeing what you are getting, and knowing your getting it for less than at a retailer. 


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